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About Us

Making education interesting for all

Fun Learning Youth (FLY) is a youth led organization utilizing cohort based mentorship to reduce dropout within middle-school underprivileged students in India.


Our Story

Pooja is a good friend of our co-founders. At the age of 14, during the pandemic, she paused going to school, and didn't have devices to attend online classes. Soon her family decided that they would let her work as a house help and let go of education. They planned to marry her off as she would turn 18.

Wait, but how will she ever progress? Be more independent? Follow her passion? Does she even know what her passion is? Talking to Pooja about this was the turning point. She wanted to study. The situation didn't let her.

Our cofounders started teaching Pooja and her brother in their backyard. One day, Pooja asked if she could bring friends along. Why not?

Now they taught 20 students in the same backyard.

If one street could have so many students in need of interesting education, how many could there be in the city, country, world? And FLY was born.

Meet The Founders


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  • What do you need to become a member?
    You need to be passionate about whatever you plan to contribute to us. You can use your skills and plan out a way to help us. We can work on it together to help underprivileged kids.
  • Why should you join?
    You get to be a part of a vibrant community of leaders and changemakers. You get hands–on experience in social impact and real life skills. Our meetings will enrich your organizational skills and we conduct enrichment seminars by leaders too. We provide membership once you provide evidence that a chapter is formed. This is the fastest way of getting membership. We provide a certificate of membership. If not, you join us as a volunteer/intern in the management team and help in research, outreach, management, and organization, depending on need. After you give in a specific number of hours, you are eligible to get membership.
  • What do you do once you join?
    We add you to our official list and assign work according to your capability and interest. We value our volunteers’ time and have flexible deadlines. If you join as a teaching volunteer, please follow our guidelines for forming a chapter.
  • What positions do we have?
    Apart from teaching volunteers, the position that can be created by the candidate, we have the following positions that the organization needs (note: these positions are not open at the moment. We will notify you once positions open according to our need) Social Media Managers Outreach experts Research Managers
  • How to form a chapter?
    Forming a chapter is an easy 3-step process. Find underprivileged kids around your locality, nearby slums, or orphanages. You can do so by contacting existing NGOs, asking children in your community, or asking maids/watchmen/construction workers if their children need help. Invite them to a classroom/park/play-ground where a class can be conducted. (Keep COVID restrictions in mind) Connect with them, teach them, and send us photos! Please connect with us before-hand so that we can guide you through the process with our exclusive tips and sessions.
  • How do we help you in this?
    We provide guidance sessions, tips, study resource material, and insight from existing chapter heads.
  • Who do we teach?
    We teach kids who could not afford online education or their education was hampered in any way. We help them improve their grades, find their interests, and get back to school if they have dropped out. We do not charge any fees to the students.
  • How do we do this?
    Our teaching volunteers from around the world find underprivileged kids around them, teach them, and connect to them at a personal level. We help at every step of this process as per volunteer’s need. These volunteers may also distribute material/packages to kids after consulting with authority. We encourage volunteers to consult parents if needed, try to solve student’s problems at a personal level, and provide quality education and resources.
  • What is our aim?
    There are many children who have dropped out of school due to financial issues and no offline classes in schools due to COVID-19. These students have started to work for daily wages and provide secondary financial support to their families. We want each and every student to be interested and complete their education. Our primary goal is to provide quality education to the underprivileged kids free of cost. Along with that, we try to solve problems faced by students in their daily lives by mentoring and arranging seminars for their well-being.
  • How do we do our funding?
    Initially funded by scholarships and awards gathered by the founders, now we are funded by external donors like the Mercatus Centre by George Mason University.
  • How do we run our organization?
    Our management volunteers handle various actions of the club including social media, chapters, and resources. We update our information frequently on platforms. We also welcome collaborations. Conducting regular meetings with volunteers, planning for new techniques and projects in the welfare of our student base, and spreading awareness through social media about the need for quality education among social groups are some of the activities included in the well-functioning of our club.
  • Can you tell us more about the organization and the impact to date?
    FLY was founded in August, 2020. We have mentored more than 1200 students till date and have more than 35 members on board. We also inspire thousands of people to take a step forward in changemaking. In the long term, We want to reduce unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty. This year, we want to inspire more people and teach more than 10000 students. We have our chapters in Jalgaon Jalgaon Jamod Vadodara Ghaziabad Jodhpur Chomu Srinagar, Uttarakhand Wawadade (Jalgaon) Kota, Rajasthan Pimpalgaon Kale, Buldhana Cairo, Egypt Nigeria
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