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Fun Learning Youth

Fun Learning Youth (FLY) is a youth led organization utilizing cohort based mentorship to reduce dropout within middle-school underprivileged students in India.

Supporting students attain their fullest potential

Education is the first step to enrich someone's skills and knowledge. Better education can mean anything from a better job to a better society. We at FLY want to help students learn useful skills and knowledge for them to be employable, entrepreneurial, and inspirational, more than they already are. Initially solving the problem of underprivileged students who couldn't attend school during the pandemic by teaching them in-person, FLY has a larger goal of helping all students attain their fullest potential and not be discouraged by lack of resources.


We are a group of volunteers that mentor underprivilged students in our individual localities (14 such "clubs" so far). Our goal is to inspire them to join school again or increase their attendance in school by teaching in a fun way!


14-year olds who started working during the pandemic now don't want to go to school because they're additional source of income and education is seen as an expense. They barely know how to perform arithmetic or recite alphabet. Girls are getting married sooner and boys are getting employed in high-risk jobs.


Gamifying, storytelling, mentoring, and enjoying with them! We just want to be the one person that cares about their education, health, and them. So far it has done wonders in building connection with our students and we want to continue spreading the mission so more people could do the same for students in their localities.

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