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About Us

Making education interesting for all

Fun Learning Youth (FLY) is a youth led organization utilizing cohort based mentorship to reduce dropout within middle-school underprivileged students in India.


Our Story

Pooja is a good friend of our co-founders. At the age of 14, during the pandemic, she paused going to school, and didn't have devices to attend online classes. Soon her family decided that they would let her work as a house help and let go of education. They planned to marry her off as she would turn 18.

Wait, but how will she ever progress? Be more independent? Follow her passion? Does she even know what her passion is? Talking to Pooja about this was the turning point. She wanted to study. The situation didn't let her.

Our cofounders started teaching Pooja and her brother in their backyard. One day, Pooja asked if she could bring friends along. Why not?

Now they taught 20 students in the same backyard.

If one street could have so many students in need of interesting education, how many could there be in the city, country, world? And FLY was born.

What do we do?

We don’t cover syllabus, we develop interest. We meet once or twice every week with students (usually a group of 15-20) and try experimenting or teaching a topic in a fun way! Storytelling, gamifying, and boggling helps students to have more interest in whatever we teach. Through teaching, mentoring, funding, convincing parents, and providing necessary goods to kids, we try to make them more interested in education.


Research shows lack of interest is the second biggest reason for dropping out [1]

Another research shows how having a good relationship with even one adult in school can improve students’ attendance rates significantly [2]. We are trying to be the someone they can rely on, the someone that cares about their education, and them.

Meet The Founders


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